Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Transport: comfortable bus

Tour date: upon request

Meals: 4 «buffet breakfast» in the Hotel

Excursions:  Minsk sightseeing tour with animation, visiting BELAZ

Certified guide services

PRICE from 380 EUR per 1 person




  • Arrival to MINSK

  • Transfer to the Hotel (upon request). Check-in Hotel. 

  • Free time. 

  • Overnight stay in Minsk.


  • Breakfast in restaurant of the Hotel («buffet breakfast»).

  • Evening Minsk sightseeing tour (~3.5 hours). You will see the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: Cathedral Orthodox and Catholic Churches of the ХVII-XVIII centuries; St. Peter and St. Paul's Church of the beginning of ХVII century and the "Red" Church; the oldest street Nemiga which started its way from the Minsk castle, and the picturesque Upper Town. The historic centre of Minsk - the Upper Town - attracts the visitors by its unique atmosphere of the past which is felt in its old buildings and on its narrow streets where museums, cafes and restaurants, boutiques and sculptures are located. You will walk on silent paved small streets of the Trinity suburb and can render a memory tribute to soldiers internationalists on Island of Tears. During the tour you will see the pearl of Minsk - the building of the National Library, formed in the shape of a diamond.

  • You will visit Zamchische, places of the basis of ancient Minsk, will visit on Svoboda Square, from where went Minsk stone and where it to the sky lifted the towers and domes.

  • In the Old Town you can see the animation in szlachta style.

  • Return to the Hotel.

  • Free time.

  • Overnight stay in Minsk.


  • Breakfast in restaurant of the Hotel («buffet breakfast»).

  • Drive to ZHODINO.

  • Fascinating tour according to the Belarusian automobile plant - the place where is born the history of the Belarusian production of giant machines. Here everyone will learn not only the secrets, but with their own eyes see the pride of the domestic automotive industry.

    BELAZ – one of the largest world manufacturers of mining equipment. Products plant has won one prestigious award of international level. One of the trucks, 450 - tonne crane - the only twice the record Book of records Guinness! For its easy disassembly, it is necessary not less than 10 railway wagons.

    During the tour You will visit one of the Assembly plants and will see the birth of a legend the Belarusian mechanical engineering. At the exhibition site technology can not only make impressive photos legendary car, but also to experience all of his power, climbing on the car itself. Affect its power not only trucks, but the factory is a city in the city, with its transport and bus stops. All this, and more, awaits You in the duration of the tour.

    For those who wish, a unique opportunity to ride in the cab of the truck with the carrier for specifically the created polygon which recreated the conditions of the technology and the atmosphere of the quarries (rental service is available for an additional fee).

  • Return to Minsk.

  • Free time.

  • Overnight stay in Minsk.


  • Breakfast in restaurant of the Hotel («buffet breakfast»).

  • Free time.

  • Overnight stay in Minsk.

DAY 5 

  • Breakfast in restaurant of the Hotel («buffet breakfast»).

  • Check-out.

  • Transfer to the National Airport Minsk-2 (upon request).





4 nights in the Hotel 3* (http://www.yhotel.by/en/), Minsk, cite center


2 ночлега в гостинице выбранной категории


1. Minsk sightseeing tour with animation


2. Visiting BELAZ – one of the largest world manufacturers of mining equipment

Certified guide services